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Parents Hope Session – Tuesday 25th Jan at 7pm and Thursday 27th Jan at 10am – Session focuses on Anxiety

14 January 22

This month we have support Zoom parent sessions from HOPE on Tuesday 16th November at 7pm and Thursday 18th November at 10.00am – please see parents – letters home for further details. These focus on SEN, the assessment and diagnosis process and how they can support our children.

05 November 21

Welcome back to all our children at RPA – we look forward to an exciting term ahead.

08 September 21

07 July 21

Please see letter – parents – letters home regarding stress management and behaviour tips to help enjoy summer. These are on Tuesday 13th July at 7pm and Thursday 15th July at 10.00am. 

There are a further two sessions that they are running through August. One is based on ideas for summer activities and journaling (Tuesday 3rd August at 7pm) and the other is preparing for the school return : routine and sleep (Tuesday 24th August at 7pm).

The June HOPE zoom session is arranged for Tuesday 15th at 7.00pm and Thursday 17th at 10.00am and is themed around separation, divorce and co-parenting. Please see letters home on the website.

09 June 21

We hope all the children and their families have a lovely half term. We look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 7th June 2021.

28 May 21

The next HOPE zoom session is arranged for Tuesday 25th at 7pm and Thursday 27th at 10am and is themed around emotion coaching and building resilience in children. Helping children to understand emotions, why they occur and how to handle them. Please see – Parents – Letters Home

18 May 21

Please see information on HOPE sessions 27.04.21 & 29.04.21 in the letters home section

22 April 21

Please see letter regarding HOPE anxiety support sessions 23/03/21 & 24/03/21 – Parents – Letters Home

18 March 21

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

12 February 21

Please familiarise yourself with the Rowley Park Academy COVID-19 Risk Assessment document, available below and on the homepage – Key Documents > Risk Assessment

Nursery places now open – please contact the office for further information