Summer Holiday Lunch Boxes

17 July 18

Time and imagination providing meals over the long summer is not always easy and an added pressure on family funds.  We are trialling a new idea to support our families at Rowley Park and if this is successful and meets the needs of some of our families we hope to expand the scheme and get other schools involved.

How it will work:  The supply of 2 boxes. (Pre-ordered by parents, contact the office for  information)

Box 1 – Week 1 (23rd July) and Box 2 – Week 4 (13th August) of the summer holiday, boxes containing some cupboard essentials, healthy snacks & drinks that will go towards supporting three weeks of meal creations.

We hope the boxes might have some of the following, non-perishables things like;

  • dry pasta/lentils/rice
  • long-life milk/squash/juice
  • tins, packets sauce/jar/mixes
  • tinned meat, tuna, vegetables, fruit
  • healthy snacks, dried fruit, raisins, cereal
  • biscuits, crisps, and cakes

Perhaps in each box, we will add a few longer lasting fresh items, onions, potatoes, carrots, apples etc.

We would love to add in some recipe ideas, supermarket magazines and vouchers. Watch this space!

To develop this scheme, we need your help please:

We need an idea of the number of people that would like to pick up one of the Summer Holiday Lunch Boxes, we will give priority to families with children currently on free school meals FSM, if demand is high.

Please contact the office by end of today, Tuesday 17th July.